iPhone OS 4.0 Multitasking Highlights

Apple announced today that with the release of iPhone OS 4.0 this summer, third-party applications will have the ability to multitask in a way similar to the way the iPod app and Mail app already do.

Here are the seven types of multitasking services that will be available for developers:

  • Background audio (For apps like Pandora)
  • Voice-Over IP (For apps like Skype)
  • Background location (For GPS apps)
  • Push notifications (For apps like Meebo)
  • Local notifications (For events that take place on your device)
  • Task completion (Lets you navigate away while something is happening
  • Fast app switching (Lets apps “Sleep” when you change to a different app)

I had a feeling that something like this would be implemented. Instead of having a whole application running in the background, only the important parts are left open. This will make the performance and battery life much better than the Blackberry model.

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Photo Credit: notsogoodphotography

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