iPhone and Android phones account for 70% of smartphone market

It’s pretty obvious that the smartphone market is turning into a two legged race between Android and iOS. The next time you’re out on the street or in a bar, take a quick poll of how many iPhones and Android phones you see in your vicinity, then look for a Blackberry or Windows Phone 7 device.

Don’t see any of the latter? That’s probably because almost 70 percent of all smartphone owners are now rocking an Android or Apple handset, according to the latest findings from comScore. Android phones now account for about 42 percent of the market whereas the iPhone is holding steady at 27 percent.

That’s pretty impressive when you stop and think that neither Apple nor Google were in the cellphone industry a decade ago. If you ever need any evidence that being first to market isn’t the be-all and end-all, this may just be it.

Something else worth noting, and we’d be doing a disservice to our allegiances if we didn’t point this out, Apple has one phone on the market (or 4 depending on if you count previous generations), compared to dozens of Android devices. For one phone to hold 27 percent of an entire market is pretty impressive. It also makes the iPhone the single most popular handset on the market, just in case you were wondering.

Source: comScore
Via: TechCrunch

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