iPhone And Android Still Battling It Out In The U.S., Scales Tipped In Apple’s Favor?

New information from Kantar Worldpanel has pointed out that Apple’s iPhone 5 has doubled Apple’s share for smartphone sales in the U.S. market, and that Apple’s smartphone sales are about to surpass Android once again. Honestly, at this point we don’t know who to believe when it comes to these prognostications. It seems like everyone has some new idea about how well, or terrible, Apple’s doing in the market.

Dominic Sunnebo, the global consumer insight director at Kantar Worldpanel, believes that this time around “Apple will beat its previous high of 49.3 percent and achieve its highest ever share of the US smartphone market within the next two periods.

The last time Apple overtook Android was when the company released its last phone, the iPhone 4S, and all indications, at least from Kantar Worldpanel, is that Apple’s poised to do it again this time around.

To be completely honest, we really don’t trust anything any of these guys, or anyone else in a similar position, say any more. Today one study has Apple ahead in marketshare, tomorrow it’s another saying the opposite, and around and around we go, never getting a real picture of the actual of state of the smartphone market.

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