Like the iPhone 5, Apple could be releasing a white iPod touch

People really seem to love the white “unicorn” iPhone. So much in fact, that people have begun to report that the iPod touch may also come in Apple’s other favourite monochromatic color — white. A headphone socket has appeared on the Internet in all its white glory today, and people are beginning to claim that it could be for the next iPod touch.

Of course, the white headphone socket could be a knock-off, fake, or better yet a hoax, but the move also makes a lot of sense as well, should Apple decide that the iPod touch is worth keeping around. I know a couple handfuls of people thinking about getting a white iPhone 5, so clearly there’s a market for white iOS devices.

But let’s not forget the problems that Apple has had with white devices in the past.

There have been a couple of rumors also circulating the Internet that suggest that Apple could be considering a discontinuation of the iPod touch. I’m all for it. Should Apple actually be able to sell a cheaper iPhone in the same price range as the iPod touch, without contract, the touch’s days are numbered.

As for the iPod touch on a whole, I’m less than impressed with the current version. I took mine on a trip to Cuba last winter and the video quality was terrible, and the photos were even worse. Personally I’d rather pay a monthly fee for a cellphone that actually shines in those situations than an iPod touch that was a giant waste of time.

Source: Macotakra (Japanese)
Via: AppleBitch

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