Your ears are fine. The iPhone 4S is much louder than iPhone 4.

Many people are speculating that their iPhone 4S is much louder than its predecessor. Others have been saying, “Can you stop rubbing in the fact that you have a 4S?” To settle the score, we asked our dear friend Siri about the volume in the newest iteration of the iPhone.

She responded saying,

Of course, such a response didn’t help us one bit. So, we took the next course of action to test it out for ourselves. It proved to be true on our end. In fact, the difference is immensely noticeable.

To give you a bit more proof, iDownloadBlog made a video to show the difference.

According to iDB, the increase in volume is 6 decibels. For those of you who aren’t familiar with sound waves, that is significantly louder. This might be another reason to make the upgrade if you’re unsatisfied with the current max-volume on the iPhone 4. So go ahead and enjoy, 4S users! Blast your music in the public library and listen to Spotify during your next office meeting!

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