iPad Camera kit gets some competition from Zoomit

A lot of people criticized the iPad for the lack of an SD card reader, despite Apple releasing the iPad Camera kit. I’m still not sure where I fall on that argument yet, but it appears like someone else has heard the cries from photographers around the world.

The fine folks at Zoomit have created an SD card reader for the iPhone and iPod touch lineup. The device pairs up with the companies free  iPhone / Touch application to give users access to SD cards on their mobile devices. There’s no mention of them releasing an iPad version, but I feel fairly confident in my guess that they’ll release an iPad compatible option once they get their hands on an iPad.

The device will let users access any file type that an iPhone and iPod Touch can handle natively. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until the jail breaking community turns around and does something pretty cool with this add-on.

The ZoomMediaPlus will ship for $60.00, and for a limited time (250 orders) Zoomit is letting people pre-order the device, with a 4GB SD card for a steal of a price of $50.00.

[via MacNN]

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