iOS-ification of Lion continues: Apple ports iOS AirPort Utility to Lion

Apple has released a new iOS-like AirPort Utility for Lion today. It’s not an upgrade to the current OS X AirPort utility that you’ve grown to love either. Nope, it seems that Apple has released both a port for the iOS application for OS X and an update to the normal Lion utility.

As of now there are two versions of AirPort Utility. Version 5.6 is a slight update to the AirPort that we’ve all grown accustomed to in OS X, and Version 6.0 is the edition that looks exactly like the iOS application.

This move is both brilliant and utterly confusing at the same time. It’s obvious that Apple’s looking to rid its iOS users of the confusion of using a second application on OS X, should they be accustomed to the iOS version of AirPort Utility. Instead of having to relearn the application in OS X, iOS users, who are likely using an Apple product for the first time, can jump in and configure their AirPort devices. On the other hand, it’s utterly confusing because there is now two very distinct ways to do one thing. That’s very un-Apple like.

Either way, it looks like Apple’s still committed to bringing things Back to the Mac, even if those things were never on the Mac to begin with.

The iOS-ification of OS X continues, and in this case, it’s not really a terrible thing. The iOS version of AirPort Utility is fantastic; however, the jury hasn’t even been selected yet, so clearly we have no idea what the verdict is on whether this is amazing or not.

We’ll keep you posted as we play more with it.

Article and Photo Via MacStories

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