iOS Maps+ brings massive improvements to standard Maps application

Good news for those with a poor sense of direction and bad news for those that blame Maps for their lateness. Maps+ is a new iOS app that brings some much needed functionality to the standard application that so many of us rely on.

Developed by IZE, it’s a completely free way of ensuring that you never get lost again. It boasts the usual interface enhancements, new features, and as ever, social sharing. It basically looks to recreate the whole online Google Maps experience, but shrunk down for your iOS device.

Improvements include the option to switch to different Google Maps views like satellite, hybrid and terrain (a feature sorely missed from the standard application). There’s also the ability to tailor your maps with moveable screen elements to ensure you get the visual experience you want.

However, Maps+ isn’t just cosmetic — it also introduces location-sensitive alarms to inform you when you reach pinned locations. That means you’ll never miss your turn again. Throw in GPS tracking, bookmarks, email functionality and Twitter integration (upsell willing) with geolocation support and you’ve got an extremely hefty package.

There is a premium edition available ($2.99) that removes the limitations on bookmarks, labels, routes and Twitter.

Article Via Macstories

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