iOS 6 Beta 3 Released To Devs


The third beta of iOS 6, Apple’s next generation operating system for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, has been released to developers. Apparently, it is a big update weighing in at hundreds of megs.

Christian Zibreg:

Whoa, it’s a 374MB OTA delta download for my iPhone 4s and a 424MB download for the third-generation iPad.

As summer speeds to an end, Apple’s promised fall release of iOS is drawing ever closer. It’s good to see that devs are getting frequent updates. It was two weeks between the first and second beta, and just over three weeks between the second beta and the third.

It is very tempting to pay the $99 USD, install the beta, and try out all the cool new features. The allure is hard to resist, but please do so if you’re not researching or developing for iOS 6. Tons of bugs exist in the developer betas, and you could actually end up with data loss or a malfunctioning device. Even if you want to roll back to iOS 5, there is no supported method of doing so. If you do it yourself, your device could even end up bricked. Just wait until fall, and then you can enjoy all of the shiny new features when they are fully baked.

Until then, keep checking back here for more updates to see how the development is going along.

Source: iDownloadBlog

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