iOS 5 now offers the fastest results for HTML5

One minute Firefox is faster, the next Chrome. All the while Internet Explorer plays catch up to everyone. Browser speed boasting has long been a pastime of developers and the e-peen habit has moved unsurprisingly to the mobile space.

First came this video from Microsoft back in April when Windows Phone Mango posted a higher custom-built HTML5 page test score than both Android and the iPhone. Victory, it seems, was short-lived, as the iOS 5 dev kit has already shown that MobileSafari is leaving its rivals in the dust.

There was plenty of trumpet blowing from Microsoft as it praised the Windows Phone 7 for its hardware acceleration in helping render HTML5. Mango was supposed to improve the standings, but iOS 5 has already posted a much higher frame rate of 31FPS (compared to W7’s 25FPS). All the while, this was without any new hardware, just an operating system update.

What does all this mean? In layman’s terms, smartphones are becoming faster at loading web pages. Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 is the fastest when rendering the new HTML5 programming method. It’s bragging rights for those that thrive on these kinds of successes. For the rest of us? Reduced loading when surfing the net on the move.

Article Via Electonista

Photo Credit: CrunchGear

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