iOS 5: Install multiple apps from the App Store in parallel

It’s about the little things, and those nifty iOS 5 engineers sure have spent some time rethinking the little things in Apple’s newest update to their mobile operating system. Previously you had to wait for your apps to install sequentially, one after another. The installation process was slow, inefficient, and a major pain in the backside.

According to reports from Cult of Mac, you can now install multiple apps simultaneously in iOS 5 both over Wi-Fi and 3G. That means you can now go into the App Store, buy a couple of applications, and have them install all at the same time. This way, if you have one giant application installing, as well as a bunch of little ones, you won’t have to wait for that monstrous application to finish before getting the smaller ones.

The little things are what makes iOS 5 worth it. Attention to detail can never be overlooked.

Article and Image Via Cult of Mac

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