iMovie for iPhone now available in the App Store

With Apple’s introduction of video recording with the iPhone 3GS last year combined with the HD video recording in the iPhone 4, it makes sense that such a great platform for video would eventually get a full-fledged video editing app. Today, Apple has released iMovie for the iPhone 4 in the app store for a mere $4.99.

This app will be great for doing quick edits on the go, and then sharing them on YouTube, but iMovie for iPhone is far from perfect. As it stands now, you can’t sync your iMovie project to and from your computer, but you can sync your finished product.

If you’ve tried out iMovie for iPhone, be sure to tell us about your experience with it in our comment section. We want to know how you like it.

Here are the official features straight from Apple:

Made for Multi-Touch.
• Tap to add or record video right into your project.
• Drag to trim the lengths of video clips and photos.
• Pinch to zoom the timeline and get a closer look.
• Slide to scrub through the video in your project.

Give it a theme.
• Choose from a selection of themes including Modern, Bright, Travel, Playful, and News.
• Each theme includes a matching set of titles and transitions – plus its own soundtrack.
• Instantly change themes or swap themed elements in your project.
• Titles and graphics automatically update with location data from your video.

Add music and photos.
• Select from included music that matches each iMovie theme, or select from your own song library.
• Enable ducking to automatically lower the volume of background music and highlight audio from video clips.
• Add photos from your own library, or take a picture and drop it into your project.
• Customize each photo with a unique “Ken Burns” panning effect.

Share your movie.
• Export your movie in one of three sizes: Medium, Large, or HD.
• Share your movie on the web in a MobileMe gallery or on YouTube.
• Send your movie to friends and family in an email or via an MMS message.
• Easily sync your movie back to your computer.

Photo Credit: iMovie by Apple

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