iLife ’11 to arrive in November?

9 to 5 Mac is reporting that iLife ’11 may be shipping November.


The much anticipated update to the iLife suite claims to have not only Mac OS X applications, as expected, but also appears to have iOS applications arriving as well.

If Apple were to add iOS applications this could mean quite a big boon for the iLife suite and its overall usage. Not only might usage increase, but there could also be more sales through the ‘halo effect’ that could be created by the many Windows users using the iLife suite of applications on their iPod Touches and iPhones for the first time.

One thing that 9 to 5 Mac points out is that the book listing also claims that iDVD is still around, despite many believing there is no use for DVD authoring any more. While iDVD may not be used by many, it may still be used by some in order to create DVDs for their less tech savvy family members

An additional plus that is mentioned in an update is that the applications are 64-bit. This could be huge for iDVD and iPhoto when working with larger projects.

We are expecting a notebook event next month, and this would be a prefect time to announce a new suite.

I’m wondering if we will see a new version of iWork as well. And if we do see a new version of iWork, will we also see a preview of OS X 10.7 or is that going to wait until next year’s WWDC? All items to ponder. Let’s just hope all of this is true.

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