Ikea Introduces Augmented Reality App With 2014 Catalog To See Rooms Furnished

There’s nothing fun about buying new furniture that you sometimes need to build yourself only to realize that it doesn’t look quite right or isn’t how you pictured it in your mind when you set it up at home. Well, fans of Ikea’s furniture will be excited to hear that Ikea has launched an augmented reality feature in its Ikea Catalog app that will let you see how Ikea furniture will look in your home, before buying it.

The app first launched in 2013, but today’s release of a new version introduces an augmented reality feature. To use the feature, you’ll have to scan one of the 90 AR-enabled product pages of the physical catalog and then place the catalog on the floor where you’d like to see a piece of furniture. The app with then display what the furniture would look like in that spot with a 3D model on your phone.

Right now, only 90 products are available through the app, but it will likely expand with the popularity of the app. When you pick up your copy of the paper 2014 catalog, it also has 50 pages that you can scan to bring up more information on your iPhone about certain products.

You can get the updated Ikea Catalog from the App Store now for free and start feng shuiing your place.

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