iBooks rolling out on iOS device, but not 3G iPhones.

If you’ve updated to iOS already (Google it), you may now be able to download the iBooks application over iTunes. There have been plenty of reports of users being “encouraged” by Apple to download the application when they open iTunes with their iOS iPhone’s plugged in. The iBooks app hasn’t shown up in searches yet, and it’s not available directly from the iPhone AppStore, but in a matter of time you should be notified that the application is available for download.

It’s also being reported that the application hasn’t made its way to the iPhone 3G yet, and we can confirm that as well. If this is another ploy to get us to upgrade to iPhone 4, we’re going to be pretty PO’d about it. Oh, who are we kidding, we’re not going to be reading books on our iPhone’s anyway.

It seems like Engadget is experiencing the same thing we are with the 3G iPhones. Looks like the iBook application might be the new video capture.

Image Credit Engadget

Article Via TUAW

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