Hulu Plus drops prices from $10 to $8 per month

Hulu Plus has decided that $8 per month is the new sweet spot for their service. Instead of paying $10 per month, Hulu Plus is now asking people to pay $8 per month. It kind of sounds like things aren’t going so well over at Hulu. It’s not really surprising considering the problems they’re having getting consumers to sign on to the project. Currently Hulu Plus is only available on iOS devices or the PS3, which is a major part of the problem.

But, something tells me that they’re going to have the same problems with the new $8 per month plans. Convincing people that moving from a free model to a paid for model is going to be quite the challenge considering most people are already paying for cable.

This is just another example of how messed up the entertainment industry is currently. People are paying for traditional cable, people are paying for digital services like Hulu, people are paying extra for their broadband services, and to be frank, people are tired of paying.

Don’t get me wrong, people should be paying for things like television episodes online, but asking them to pay three premiums just to get their favourite shows in the format they want is a little bit much.

This industry is going to be getting a rude awakening when people stop paying in general.

What’s your sweet spot for Hulu Plus? 1 dollar? 2 dollars? 8 dollars? Let us know in the comments.

Article Via iPodNN

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