High Tech meets low tech with New Potato’s LifeRider


The iPhone is being used more and more for fitness.  The iPhone and iPod Touch are marketed as an entertainment, work, and consumption device.  However, if you pair a Nike + iPod Sensor to your iOS device it becomes a tool to assist you in keeping fit, while listening to some great music.  Well, there is another device out there that will do something similar for bicyclists, it is called the LiveRider and it is made by New Potato Technologies.

The LiveRider device is a rubber case with a transmitter dongle for your iPhone or iPod Touch which attaches to your bicycle’s handle bars.  The second part of this device is a remote sensor that attaches near the wheel to calculate “…max and average, time, distance, cadence, pace”, according to Cult of Mac.  This is a great device for anyone who likes to keep track of how far they have ridden.

The device itself costs $99.99 USD, however, the LifeRider app is free and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.  So, if you a ‘C Note’ to spare, and enjoy bike riding this might just be the device your looking for.

Photo Credit: New Potato Technologies

Article Via Cult of Mac