Google Releases YouTube Capture App For iPhone

Continuing to make its presence felt on iOS, Google has released a new iPhone and iPod touch app called YouTube Capture. YouTube Capture is an app designed to give a quick and easy way to record and upload videos to YouTube as well as to instantly share them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The app allows users to record videos within the app itself and to then instantly upload them to their YouTube account. The app is also able to upload videos in the background so users are free to use other apps while the video is busy uploading. The app even allows you to to do minor edits to the video, such as color correction and trimming its length. As the video uploads, users can also choose to instantly share the video to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ once it finishes uploading.

The choice of separating the new app from the original YouTube app also appears to be a good one. It allows the YouTube Capture app to be very simple and easy to use and makes it a good choice for people looking to quickly capture a video.

Try the app out for yourself here.

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