Google To Kill Bump, Flock Three Months After Acquisition

Bump Technologies has announced that it will be shutting down Bump and Flock on January 31st. Both of the apps will be removed from the App Store and cease to function. This announcement comes just three months after Bump Technologies was acquired by Google to help “people share and interact with each one another using mobile devices,”

Once the apps are removed from the App Store, all data will be removed. Users now have 29 days to download all saved data by requesting an export link from inside the Bump and Flock apps.

Bump was an app that hit the App Store in its early days and gave users the ability to share contacts and other files locally. Users running the app could share information by simply “bumping” their devices together. The app later gained the ability to share files with a computer running the Bump web app. However, with the addition of AirDrop to iOS 7 devices, a need for Bump increasingly dwindled. Flock, on the other hand, was a photo curation app that enabled friends and family  to create photo albums.

Via: Apple Insider

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