Google+ iPhone app submitted to App Store, awaits approval

Google’s social network Google+ has seen quite a bit of use since its release last week. While parts of the app seem destined for mobile phones and integration into basic phone features like a camera application, there were some unanswered questions about an official Google+ client. It appears that a Google+ iOS app has been submitted to the App Store and is currently awaiting review.

Prepare for disappointment.

According to Erica Joy, a Google employee, the iOS app is awaiting approval on the App Store.  There’s no word on when the app will be reviewed, but we don’t expect it to be downloadable for a while, if past Google / Apple history is any indication of how this will play out.

Apple has a history of denying Google applications access to the App Store in the past. Google Voice was denied because it “alters important functions on the device.” Okay, maybe we should be a little more specific. Apple didn’t actually outright deny the application. Instead it studied it, and Apple studied it for a bizarrely long time — think years instead of days. It took Apple nearly a year and a half to finally approve the application on the App Store.

We’re not sure what that means for a Google+ iOS application at this point, but if Google is hoping to gain access to the iOS masses, they need to play nice with the SDK this time around. If not, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Apple denying yet another Google application entry into the App Store.

Note on Google+

The Tech-crowd and early adopters seem to be loving Google+, but if you’re looking to get into the service you’ll need an invite to the party. Unfortunately, at this point, invites are scarce or unavailable. We recommend keeping an eye open on your Twitter timeline for an invite being handed out. Once that happens, start asking people for an invite.

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