Google+ App Update Adds Support For iPhone 5 And Controls For Pages

Good news for those who prefer Google+ to Facebook or Twitter. Today, Google has updated its Google+ app for both Android and iOS, available on the official Google Play store and Apple’s App Store, respectively.

According to Google, support for Google+ pages has been one of the most highly requested features and now both iOS and Android versions have support, which means that you can view, post, and comment from your account right on your mobile device. With more Facebook integration in iOS 6, this is important for Google+ to remain competitive with rivals.

The Android version of Google+ has received a smaller update than the iOS version. It has a new home screen widget, adds a “Find People” option, and photos can now be opened with just one tap.

The iOS version, in comparison, now has support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6. With any iOS device or version, you can now edit your posts after they’ve been published and save photos to the camera roll. iPad users can also now search for people and posts from inside the app (the iPhone app version already has this capability).

Follow the link below to get the newest version of Google+ for your iOS device.

Source: Google+ via TechCrunch and The Next Web
Image Credit: The Next Web

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