Google+ App Can Open Links In Chrome For iOS

Avid Google+ users may have noticed that they can now open links within the Google+ app in Google Chrome. And while this will not affect most iOS users, people like me who use both of the services will find this feature super convenient. Google was able to make the Google+ app do this by using URL schemes, which allow developers to make their apps communicate with other apps to perform functions.

Since URL schemes are pretty simple to set up, we should see Google and other developers make the rest of their apps Chrome-ready. Google even gives iOS developers instructions on how to do this. We can expect to see this functionality baked into the Gmail app and Google Search app among others when updated. And if all you use are Google apps, you will essentially be using Chrome for iOS as your default browser. While this may all sound good on paper, when using Chrome for iOS, you’re missing out on Apple’s Nitro JavaScript engine, which is currently only avalible in Safari. However, I think Google Chrome’s tab management makes up for it.

Do you use Google Chrome for iOS on a regular basis? If so, let us know how you like it in the comments below this post.

Source/Image Credit: TheNextWeb

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