Gmail App For iOS Improved With Exciting New Features

Fans of the Gmail app for iOS will be excited to hear that this app has been updated with some exciting new features. The Gmail team has responded to some of the most requested features for the app and have added three new improvements.

Notification Center Integration
The first update is that Gmail is now fully integrated with Notification Center. It supports banners, alerts and lock screen options. Users won’t have to open the Gmail app separetely anymore, and instead can access emails right from the centralized Notification Center. On top of that, Gmail notifications are up to 5x faster than in the previous version.

Alternate Sender Addresses
Users can now send emails from an alternate email address if they have been properly configured under the current Gmail account by going to Settings->Accounts->Send mail as and fill in the From: option with an alternate email address when composing a new message.

Improved Login Process
Users can now stay logged into the app for as long as they’d like. The option of signing out is still there but users won’t automatically be logged out after a certain amount of time has passed.

These are really great additions to the Gmail app and even more improvements are on the way.

Source: Gmail Blog via BGR
Image Credit: BGR

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