Glowing iPhone Apple logo

Back in August last year, a bunch of Russian hackers had about $300 to spare and decided to mod a first-gen iPhone to include a glowing Apple logo in it.

The result is quite good. We all know Apple loves people to know that you have their stuff, the Macbooks have the glowing logos on the lids, and just about everyone knows the distinctive white earbuds by now.

Apparently this mod didn’t affect the battery life at all, I don’t really see how this is possible, maybe if the back of the screen was transparent and allowed it to glow through? But that would affect the front, and, *head-splode*. I don’t really do engineering, I leave that to the pros.

Either way, I don’t see why Apple would waste their time adding a feature like this into the iPhone, they already made the screen turn off when you put it up to your ear, why have a logo that lights up when you do it? Defeats the point surely.

Check out the video anyway, and if when we get the new iPhone, it has a glowing logo, I’ll eat my iBook.


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