Gelaskins now ready for iPhone 4

If you haven’t heard of Gelaskin yet, you’re probably living under a rock, behind a dumpster, in the middle of nowhere, but I’ll humor you none the less. Gelaskin creates skins for your portable consumer electronics (iPods, iPhones, etc) with flare. Their artists are exceptional, and their skins have something for everyone. From the bizarere to the trendy, Gelaskin probably has you covered, and considering all the problems with the iPhone 4’s reception issues, it’s worth the price.

The Gelaskin team now has products available online for the iPhone 4. Since Apple’s recently said that the problem with the iPhone 4 is based on a poor calculation issue, and not something else, you’re probably going to want to start considering your options for a case that helps your signal issues. God knows Apple won’t be issuing a recall, or providing free bumpers to solve the problem.

The iPhone 4 Gelaskins come in at $14.95 and ship with a skin for the front, back, and side of your phone, and full access to their wallpaper gallery. If you can fix your iPhone 4 for $14.95, would you do it?

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