Gameloft gives a sneak look at Six Guns

Gameloft has posted an interview on their blog with the producer (who they don’t name for some reason, but we know the interviewer’s name is Callum) of their upcoming Wild-West-meets-vampires-werewolves-and-witches, Six Guns.

The game has Gameloft’s usual modus operandi: Really great-looking graphics, available for iOS, and bare-facedly, shamelessly and unapologetically rips off another successful game by a different company (in this case it’s Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games). And when I say “rips off”, I’m not kidding. Nevertheless, Gameloft at least tends to do pretty good heists of other people’s games and delivers the same gameplay that made the original such a hit… and that’s a bit of a balm for your wounds when you want the game on your iPhone but the original publisher isn’t releasing it on that platform.

That, by the way, is all the defending Gameloft is going to get out of me.

The interview is short and sweet, but includes a few nifty screenshots and a Flash app that allows you to look at the Six Guns cowboy and spin him around. You do learn a bit about the game, however, such as when Callum asks Mysterio “If you could be a non-player character, which one would you like to be?”

Oh, that would have to be the vampire cowboy – the one you see at the end of the trailer. First of all, he can teleport, which is always cool. Second, he’s just got this perfect balance of rugged Wild West and classy vampire styles. Rugged and classy; that’s my kind of non-player character.

Ok. Maybe not so much info. Not even a price or release date, but word has it the game will drop on the App Store “Real Soon Now”.

Source: Gameloft

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