Foxconn Chairman Admits To “Falling Short” Of Meeting iPhone Demand

Bad news for those who haven’t gotten an iPhone 5 yet. According to Reuters, Terry Gou, Foxconn Technology Group’s Chairman, said today that the company is finding it hard to keep up with the huge demand for Apple’s iPhones. Foxconn is Apple’s primary partner for assembling many of its devices, including the iPhone.

Gou told reporters after a business forum on Wednesday that, “It’s not easy to make iPhones. We are falling short of meeting the huge demand.”

iPhone 5 sales have been somewhat stalled since it first launched in September. Foxconn experienced some issues when workers went on strike over quality control concerns and lack of training, which were linked to problems of some iPhone 5s showing up scratched just out of the box. Apple asked Foxconn to increase awareness and be more careful about not shipping devices that had been scratched. All of these things may be contributing to Foxconn’s delay in iPhone production, in conjunction with the difficulty in making the newer, thinner iPhone 5.

It has been rumored that Foxconn had expanded production to Foxconn International Holdings in an attempt to increase production. When asked about this, Gou declined to comment.

Image Credit: Sphinx

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