Find My iPhone helped Los Angeles Police catch a robber

It seems that Apple’s Find My iPhone app can actually do more than find your iOS device. In a recent report from LA Times, the app assisted the LAPD in the arrest of an armed robbery suspect last Thursday. Apparently, the robber entered a female’s home at gun point, took her purse, and left. However, there was a shiny iPhone in the bag waiting to have its apps updated. It wasn’t leaving that easy.

The distraught victim quickly called police and informed them about the robbery and Find My iPhone (which was luckily setup). A random bystander, who you can call a good Samaritan, let police use his laptop to track the suspect’s whereabouts via Apple’s website. The officers eventually found the crook and arrested him on robbery charges.

Of course, stories like these don’t happen frequently, but they should. In fact, the LAPD stressed to the LA Times how important such programs, apps, and the rest are:

LAPD officials say computer and phone theft is a major contributor to crime in Los Angeles, and the theft — and its outcome — illustrate the value and benefit of using tracking applications and software for computers, cellphones and portable tablets.

What about the crook? Well he’s being held in lieu of $1 million bail. What can you say? You do the crime, you have an enormous price tag put on your release.

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