Final Fantasy Tactics being released this Thursday, August 4

Last week I reported that Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions had finally been submitted to Apple for approval. The delayed iOS port had endured a troubled development cycle, but the end was finally in sight. And that end is now this Thursday, August 4.

Yes. In three days. 72 hours. That’s all. Final Fantasy Tactics is finally being released for the iPhone and iPod touch (I’d already mentioned that the iPad version arrives later in the month). You can literally feel the sweaty anticipation from here.

Also cleared up is its murky cost. It will cost £10.99, 12.99 Euros, 1800 yen or $15.99. OK, so it’s hardly the cheapest of iPhone game and higher than our £8.99 estimate, but it’s Final Fantasy Tactics, in your pocket, on your iPhone — so in short, worth it (theoretically).

Promising beautifully rendered cut scenes, improved dialogue translation, better graphics and all sorts of other marketing gubbins, the i-port promises to be one of the best games to grace Apple’s iDevices.

Now all that’s left to do is wait…

Via: touchArcade
Source: Square Enix Europe

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