Feedly gets an iPhone prototype

I’m on record as adoring Feedly, so it’s probably not much of a surprise to many of you that I’ve been keeping a close eye on their blog. I’ve been hoping that they’ll give us a sneak peak of some upcoming versions, or even a version for the iPad.

The word is out today is that they’ve put together a prototype for the iPhone; which I’d assume is the first step towards an iPad edition. One of the reasons I’m so excited for the iPad is that I think it’s going to be the ultimate news device. That is something that I just can’t say about the iPhone. I cannot get over the lack of screen real-estate, and having to scrolling an article every three sentences. But, if there’s one developer who can change my mind it’s Feedly. Honestly, they’ve taken the crappy GReader and turned it into something down right amazing. I declared bankruptcy on RSS long ago, but Feedly changed that for me. I have hope that their iPhone app will do the same.

*High Five to Feedly*

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