Facebook sets its crosshairs on iMessages with new Facebook Messenger app

Facebook has taken a direct shot at Apple’s plans to dominate text messaging in the future with iMessages. The company has released a second application on the iOS App Store called Facebook Messenger.

The application is free, and gives users the ability to message friends, groups of friends and any of your mobile contacts directly from within the application, as well as send photos and get map locations all within the app.

What isn’t clear yet is whether the application reverts to SMS for contacts not currently on Facebook, much the same way that iMessages does in the iOS 5 beta. If it does, then Apple may have some pretty serious competition on their hands when iMessages is finally released to the public.

The application is currently only available on the iPhone and iPod touch, and it isn’t a universal application. On that note, can someone please tell me what Facebook has against the iPad? I mean seriously, it’s getting to be a bit laughable.

We’re going to to some testing, and get back to you with a review shortly.

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