Evernote’s Food App Hits Version 2.0, Worth Checking Out

Evernote has just released a major update to its Food application, bringing the new version all the way up to 2.0. The app is the latest refresh to come from Evernote, and on the heels of a massive update to its flagship application. Evernote is to note-taking as Food is to recipe books.

Food lets you clip and save recipes from around the web (albeit mediocrely in some cases — see photo above). In addition to a recipe book, the application also works like a meal log, letting you add favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants and letting you see favorite meals from restaurants once you’re sitting down to order.

The app also lets you share recipes directly on Facebook, Twitter, or over that pesky email client. Oh, it has built in sync as well, which is something some of the better recipe apps on the App Store are lacking.

We were tossing around ideas for reviewing this beast, but honestly, the app’s free. Why the hell would you read anything we write. Just try it out for yourself.

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