EA Killing Off iOS Rock Band Games For iOS Next Month

The music and instrument gaming genre has been dying a fairly quick death. It’s gotten so bad that any quick jaunt through a thrift store usually results in finding a mountain of drum kits and guitars when you get to the electronics section. Actually, it’s gotten so bad that it seems that EA doesn’t even want its name beside the Rock Band franchise on the iOS App Store. All kidding aside, EA will be removing Rock Band and Rock Band Reloaded from the iOS App Store July 31st because of an expiring licensing agreement with Harmonix, the development house behind the franchise.

Kyle Orland over at Ars Technica writes:

Games and DLC songs downloaded before the July 31 removal will still be playable on your iDevice, but you won’t be able to re-download them from Apple’s servers after that date. EA recommends that customers make an iCloud backup of their apps and DLC to ensure they’ll be accessible well into the future.

Let’s be honest here folks, when was the last time you played Rock Band on your iPhone or iPad? Heck, when was the last time that you popped a disc into your Xbox 360, and dug the instruments out of the closet? For me, the last time I played any of these games was the week after The Beatles Rock Band edition was released back in 2009. First, it’s hard to top that game as it’s probably the best Rock Band available on the market, and second, I prefer to play my actual guitar when I have spare time.

Source: Ars Technica

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