Duh, the iPhone 4 isn’t scratch resistent

First, the reality distortion field is to be expected at any Apple event, let alone one where Steve Jobs presents a new product. We’ve come to love it, and it makes the event even more fun to be a part of, but we know that truths are being stretched a little. So it’s not surprise to us that the iPhone 4 is already collecting scratches for some of the “A-list” reviewers out there.

The gorilla glass might be stronger in a laboratory, but it probably won’t come out untarnished from a fall or a slide across a bar top in a dingy pub. It’s going to get dinged up, and we were certainly expecting it to have problems. It might not crack as easily, and it’s going to be stronger, but it’s not an indestructible material, expecting it to be is a major oversight.

Treat your iPhone like any other electronic device that you own and it’ll last you a long time, but if you treat it like crap, it’s going to get scratched. I don’t have one scratch on my iPhone 3G glass, and it’s been glass-protector free since the beginning. The difference here though is that the back of the iPhone 4 is glass, and we have a very small sample size to know if the iPhone 4 is going to have scratching issues. It could be a design defect in the phone, or it could be that Mr. Topolsky managed to unknowingly place his phone on a bed of rocks.

Either way, this stories going to be kicking around for a while until more people get their hands on the iPhone 4, you might want to brace yourself now for the potential backlash, if this phone scratches easier than it’s supposed to.

Article Via Engadget

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