Double Tap still brings up iPod settings on the iPhone 4 and other iOS devices

Did you know that you can still universally bring up the iPod settings on your iOS device with a double tap? I didn’t. It took me a day or two to realize that it was still there — it was just hiding.

Much like the way you access the hidden Spotlight on your phone, the iPod settings can be  found by swiping the multi-tasking bar.

You can control your iPod from any application. The downside — not all applications handle this very well yet. For instance, a couple of my games seemed to turn off the iPod entirely while I was playing, and they did it in a not so graceful way. It’s probably going to be this way until all of the apps get updates for iOS.  The iPod buttons that appear are pretty obvious, and it’s a huge step forward from the previous double tap iPhone controls in the iPhone OS 3+ version.  The circle with an arrow isn’t a repeat button. It locks the iPod application in portrait or landscape mode.  It’s curious that the button is available from around the iPhone, and not just in the iPod application itself.  It could mean that Apple’s toying with the idea of implementing a system like the iPad where you can put the iPad OS into landscape mode and lock it there.

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