Display Your iPhone In Retro Style With This Camera Dock

iPhone 5 Camera DockI’ve never been a fan of iPhone stands and docks. It’s not because I don’t like the idea of them; it’s just that they usually look pretty ugly. When I put something on my desk, I expect it to look classy and fit in with the other retro goodness displayed there. I’ve looked around at plenty of different iPhone docks for both the iPhone 5 and older 30-pin iPhones, but I haven’t found anything I would be proud to display on my desk, until now.

When browsing the net the other day, I came across an Etsy store run by Roberto Altieri. He creates iPhone docks out of old and vintage cameras. The docks look absolutely stunning. He creates docks for the iPhone 5 with Lightning connector and he still has a few pre-iPhone 5 docks for sale with the classic 30-pin port. Roberto’s docks are created from real gutted film cameras that were produced in the mid-20th century, so you can be sure your dock is built to last.

So, how much will you have to drop to get your hands on a vintage camera dock for your iPhone? That depends. Roberto’s Etsy store offers a ton of different iPhone camera docks, each of which is made from a different camera body. As of now, his store is stocking docks in the price range of $99-139, which is a bit too expensive for my taste. Each dock includes a Lightning or 30-pin cable.

Image Credit: Roberto Altieri (Etsy)

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