Denmark politicians get free iPhones

Everyone wants a free iPhone, and if the amount of spam we get on Twitter is any indication, a lot of people are clicking on the spammers’ links in order to get one. The iPhone is by far the de facto mainstream smartphone choice, all things being equal. I might live in an Apple-centric world online, but when I leave the office I rarely have people asking me about Android devices.

So, is it any wonder that politicians and governments are transitioning to the iPhone over other options? The Danes have just transitioned their entire parliament to iPhone 3GS models. All 179 members of parliament, and a bunch of staffers have found themselves with new phones.

Sure, a lot of people are probably pissed with the purchase, but it seems like a bunch of people are more upset that they opted for the 3GS phone instead of the iPhone 4. Having spent some time in IT, it doesn’t surprise me that they chose the older model. The term “new model” freaks everyone out, with many automatically assuming that it is synonymous with untested. Don’t believe me? Why do you think IE6 is still the standard in most government offices?

On another note, I’d love it if politicians had access to state of the art technology to do their job. While abuse of tax money is a major problem, and there’s often other viable options without an Apple logo, having the best option available to them will help them with their job. I’m okay with that. As much as we gripe about politician lifestyle problems, politicians play an important role in our lives. But, instead of crying about the types of phones they’re using, maybe we should be focusing a little more on issues that are of importance.

Article Via TUAW

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