Joe Hewitt, creator of the Facebook app, is leaving Facebook

Joe Hewitt, who many of you know as the creator of the Facebook iPhone app, has left Facebook. He stated late last week on his blog that he was leaving Facebook to pursue new ventures, but he also pointed out that he was feeling very privileged to have worked for the popular social networking company.

He wrote:

I sent heartfelt emails to all of my managers thanking them for the privilege of letting me work there, and I genuinely meant it. Facebook was the longest I ever worked at one company, and the best employer I’ve ever had.

Hewitt has decided to leave Facebook so that he can take another step in his career.  He’s hoping to create more software for developers and designers to help them in their work. His first gig was developing the Firebug plugin for Firefox 5 years ago. It’s something he mentions in his post, and apparently he still thinks about it a lot. It’s pretty clear that he wants to help developers and designers with their projects moving forward.

I’m going to pour myself into understanding the needs of modern developers and designers, and creating software to fill those needs. There are so many opportunities that I can’t even predict what I will end up building, but I am pretty sure I know where I am going to start. I can’t wait.

Hewitt was largely responsible for creating the Facebook iPhone app. Later though, he very publicly left the development team due to a disagreement with Apple’s review process policies. The Facebook App is still one of the most popular, most used iPhone apps available on the App Store. He also mentions that he can’t wait to get started on his new endeavours.

We’re pretty excited to see what he has in store for us.  If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that Joe Hewitt constantly creates quality applications.

Article Via The Wall Street Journal

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