Could This Sexy Controller Solve All Of Your iOS Gaming Needs?

I’ll say it: if iOS gaming is going to go hardcore and actually replace consoles like some have suggested, someone’s going to need to create a legitimate controller. We’re at the point where we can play games over AirPlay, but watching the television while trying to keep your fingers in the right place on your iPhone or iPad is pretty challenging. Enter Evo Controllers and their Drone concept.

This Bluetooth controller is a mashup between a 360, Dreamcast, and PlayStation controller, and it looks as sleek as they come. The controller, built with an Arduino board at its core, is pretty much exactly what mobile gamers may be looking for. Sure, we won’t be leaving the house with a controller in our brief cases, but once we park our asses on the couch, I’m pretty sure iOS geeks would prefer to play on one of these bad boys.

The project isn’t off the ground yet though, and they’re currently looking for funding on Kickstarter.


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