CM4 Announces Q-Card Case For iPhone 5

CM4 has just announced that it will be bringing its famous Q-Card to the iPhone 5. This case is meant to replace both your iPhone case and standard wallet as the case features a pouch that can hold up to three credit, debit or ID cards. You can also fit a bit of cash into the pouch as well. If you often find yourself using a Lightning to 30-pin adapter, you’ll be happy to know that the case has a larger cutout on the bottom that allows for use of adapter without taking off the Q-Card.

Personally, I’m very excited for the launch of the Q-Card case. When I reviewed it earlier this year for the iPhone 4/4S, I thought it was a very stylish case with awesome functionality. From what I can tell, the Q-Card hasn’t changed much when brought to the iPhone 5, so it should be just as good as the iPhone 4 model. Make sure to read my review to get a feel for the case.

You can purchase a Q-Card case for $39.99 via CM4’s website. As of now, the Q-Card is available in four colors: Black Onyx, Mahogany Brown, Pacific Green and Rouge Red. Black and green cases are shipping now while red and brown will ship out on December 7th.

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