Chrome For iOS Updated, Adds Social Sharing

If you’re a social surfer, you’re going to love this update to Chrome for iOS. Google has recently updated its Mobile Safari-alternative to allow for instant sharing to all major social networks including Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Chrome users can share the web page they’re currently viewing with a tap once they’ve downloaded the update. As of now, Mobile Safari can only share to Twitter, with Facebook integration coming with the release of iOS 6 and Google+ integration coming never. Users can also share links via email.

Google also updated the Google Chrome app to fix bugs, add improved language detection for the welcome tour, and establish a fix for blank pages in Incognito* mode.

This Google Chrome update follows an update to the Google+ for iOS app, which allows users to open links with Google Chrome for iOS. To me, it looks as if Google is trying to interlink their apps more, creating a mini Google ecosystem within their iOS apps. If you still haven’t had the chance to check out Google Chrome for iOS, hit the link below to be taken to its iTunes page.

If you actively use Google Chrome for iOS, let us know why you use it over Mobile Safari in the comments!

Source: The Next Web

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