Carcassonne For iOS About To Get Even More Awesomer

Carcassonne iOS ImageIf you’re knee deep in suckage, you probably won’t be all that thrilled that Carcassonne is about to get yet another update. TheCodingMonkeys have just announced that a brand new expansion update – titled Traders and Builders – is already sitting in Apple’s review queue awaiting approval.

The Trader and Builders expansion is expected to include trade goods and bonuses that help gamers as they build structures. The update will be available as an in-app purchase, though we haven’t seen any mention of a price just yet.

We expect the expansion to drop before the holiday season is upon us. Guess what I’ll be doing the whole time I’m home visiting family? Thanks for that TheCodingMonkeys, thanks SO much.

Also, from one Editor-In-Chief to another, Mrs. Young, game on.

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