Canopy’s Sensus Case Makes Your iPhone’s Body Touch Sensitive

Sensus Case
Canopy has announced a new case by the name of Sensus at CES 2013. This case makes the back and sides of your iPhone touch sensitive. The touch panels on the sides and back of the device feature 10 touch input points that can control apps and games on your device. The case is built from a durable polycarbonate with rubber edges to absorb shock when dropped. The touch panel is slightly textured and is powered by its own processor, which draws power from your iPhone. Currently, Canopy has made a prototype case for the iPhone 4S, though we’ll see an iPhone 5 model in the near future.

Unfortunately, Apple won’t allow this case to control your phone by itself. However, Canopy is allowing developers to make their apps compatible with the Sensus case. The advantage to having the Sensus case on your iPhone is that when playing games, your hand won’t be covering your iPhone’s screen. The case will also allow blind iPhone users to use the Sensus case as a brail keyboard. The touch sensitive sides on the Sensus case can also be used to thumb scroll through web pages if a Sensus compatible browser was made for the iPhone.

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