Apple Replacing Some Broken iPhone 4 Devices With iPhone 4S Models

If you take your busted iPhone 4 in to get fixed, you may find yourself walking out of the Apple store with an iPhone 4S instead of a fixed iPhone 4. No, you don’t need more coffee. I just told you that you could get a free upgrade. Put the pot down and read on.

Due to supply constraints with the black iPhone 4 – they must be selling like wildfire – Apple has begun swapping out iPhone 4 models for the iPhone 4S version.

From the 9 to 5 Mac team:

While Apple has caught up with that SKU, Apple is now facing constraints of the black 16GB iPhone 4 and black 32GB iPhone 4 (GSM/CDMA unit breakdown is unclear). Like with the 16GB white iPhone 4 constraint situation of mid-late April, Genius Bars without stock of the black 16GB iPhone 4 and black 32GB iPhone 4 replacements units have been instructed to provide customers with comparable iPhone 4S replacements.

It’s not a guarantee, but if your Apple store is low on stock, there’s a good chance that Apple’s going to do you a solid and hook you up with the latest iPhone instead of the one you’ve been carrying in your pocket for the last couple of months. Now’s probably the time to finally take your device in for service.

Image Credit: WBNQ

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