Ben the Bodyguard proves Flash is dead

We get quite a few emails that try to explain to us how HTML5 is only good for streaming videos, but Flash will never be replaced because the web needs animations.

I’m not joking.

So, when John Gruber posted a nice link to Ben the Bodyguard’s website, we immediately knew it was something worth reposting. Ben the Bodyguard is an upcoming iOS application that will “protect your passwords, photos, contacts and other sensitive stuff.” Their promotional website has completely been built with HTML 5 and other web standards. Guess what? It’s animated, and it’s awesome.

Sure, it’s not the flashiest animation on the planet, but it serves its purpose very well. The website has sure piqued my interest, and I’ll probably be picking up the application once it ships.

The next time someone tells you that HTML 5 and other web technologies can’t replace Flash, you might want to point them in this direction.

Go to the Ben the Bodyguard website, read it, and start scrolling with your mouse or Magic Trackpad.

Article Via Daring Fireball

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