Backup your contacts and photos to an SD card with Iomega SuperHero iPhone dock

There are a lot of things to hate about the backup process for iPhones and iOS devices. iTunes does an excellent job of getting contacts and photos onto computers, but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of iPhone users out there who might not have a computer. How are they expected to backup their device?

Iomega has released a cure for the computer-less backup problem facing iPhone users called the SuperHero iPhone dock. This iPhone dock automatically backs up your photos and contacts to an SD card. Unfortunately the device stops there with your backups. There are no music or app backup options (blame that one on Apple). The SuperHero iPhone dock is a nifty idea, and having access to more backups is never a bad idea.  The device also ships with a 4GB SD card.

But the dock is just another dock, expected to replace the multitude of docks kicking around the house, and that’s something that most of us might not be willing to do, again. Outside of backing up your iPhone and charging your device, this dock doesn’t do much else. It doesn’t have a USB cord, so you can’t use it in conjunction with your Mac. Also, it doesn’t have any audio connectors, so you can’t even use it with your stereo.  It sits on your coffee table, connected to the wall, waiting to backup your photos and contacts.

It seems like Iomega is really going after the computer-less crowd with this dock, and if you find yourself in that group, this dock might be for you. Otherwise, it’s another dock that half delivers, and at $69.99 that might be a bit much to swallow.

Article Via Engadget

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