Awesomely addictive Hard Lines game is free today

Ah, youth. Getting drunk on a single Bacardi Breezer, failing with girls and playing Snake on the school bus — those were the days. We all sunk countless hours into the Nokia 6110 and Snake before eventually upgrading to the 3310 for Snake II.  With that you could go through walls — it was a revelation, and it was all done without the joys of a touch screen.

Nostalgia aside, Snake has been the inspiration for many a game. Whether collect-em-ups or score based scrollers, most of its clones overload the simple idea with too many gimmicks. The result is a confused mess that forgets what made Snake so good in the first place. One such game that doesn’t fall into these pitfalls is Hard Lines.

No. It isn’t a cocaine simulator. Rather you’re tasked with gobbling up as many points as possible — that much is the same. Obviously the year is now 2011 and monochrome point-chasing isn’t enough to keep gaming attention, so Hard Lines does what any good modern edition would do: stick an adrenaline needle in it.

This means you’re not alone — multiple opposing lines, all raring around the screen attempting to do the same thing. Think of it as Tron meets Snake. It’s frantic, fast-paced, wonderfully addictive and deliciously retro.

Packed full of varied modes, it’s free. Yes. Free. It’ll cost you zero, nothing, nada. Why? It’s Andrew Smith’s (the mind behind the game and development studio Spilt Milk Studio) birthday. How very kind. Go download it now — it’s not like it costs you anything.

It’s also the perfect game for a five minute go on the toilet. Now those are some hard lines…

Thanks for the tip PhOBi!

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