Auto-update All Your iOS Apps With This Jailbreak Tweak

Every time I turn around I have a dozen or so app updates waiting for me in the App Store. When you multiply that by the four iOS devices I have kicking around, it seems like I spend more time updating than using the devices themselves. There are a lot of reasons to not jailbreak, but with tweaks like these, there are also plenty of reasons why you may want to consider jailbreaking that iPhone of iPad of yours. Auto App Updater automatically runs the software update for you, so you can worry about one less thing.

Auto App Updater will let you update your apps in set intervals (hourly, daily, etc.), and only over Wi-Fi, should you find yourself with a mediocre data plan. You can also toggle which applications get auto-update in case you’re afraid a developer (like Twitter) will throttle or severely destroy the app you’ve grown to love.

You can grab Auto App Updater directly from Cydia, and it will set you back $2.99. If you hate manually updating as much as I do, the $2.99 is a steal of a deal.

This is one of those things I’d love to see in the next version of iOS. Ask me to auto-update once, then just update all my apps automatically. I shouldn’t have to do this manually in 2013.

Via Addictive Tips

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