Australia, Canada, UK and Ireland get custom Flipboard content

FlipFlipboard, the wildly popular reading application for iOS, is setting its sights on localization. This week, they announced that Australia, Canada, UK and Ireland will be getting region-specific content guides:

[…]we’re excited to launch three new Content Guides today. Tailored for readers in Australia, Canada, and the UK and Ireland, the new Guides join a growing stable of recommendations localized for readers in countries like China, France, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Anyone who has his or her iPad or iPhone region set to one of those countries (except for China, which has its own version of the app) will automatically receive the local edition of their Content Guide when they tap on the red ribbon in the top right corner of Flipboard.

This is great news for our non-American readers. Frankly, it is surprising to us that more applications don’t take advantage of region-specific content. Localizations aren’t just slight spelling and grammatical differences. Flipboard’s move to customize content for different localities is very commendable. While I like reading things that are US-focused, I would never expect someone in Australia to want to read the same thing.

Is your Flipboard experience better now? Sound off in the comment section and let us know if you’re getting better recommendations. We’re particularly interested in hearing about this topic due to our international predilections.

Source: Flipboard Blog

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