Audman is trying to put the cassette player back on your belt, with a twist

Acid wash jeans and portable cassette players were all the rage in my early childhood. One of those things is making a comeback, and let’s all stop and be thankful for a moment that it’s not acid wash jeans. A Kickstarter project has popped up that aims to turn the portable cassette playing into an iPhone case that you can wear on your belt and rock around town like it’s 1990 again.

The Audman is currently seeking $42,000 in funding on Kickstarter, and frankly, it’s not that bad of an idea. How many of you walk around with a belt clip iPhone case? What about an iPhone case that’s just a little too big to fit in your front pocket? Why not embrace your past and rock a cassette player again.

Plus, who’s going to jump you and try and steal your Walkman Audman?

Via: GeekTech

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